Marvin Scott Jarrett

One of the industry’s most dynamic visionaries, Marvin Scott Jarrett founded and created NYLON magazine in 1999. His work can be seen on the covers of NYLON and NYLON GUYS Magazines. Its unique aesthetic and point of view on fashion and culture made NYLON the biggest independent women’s magazine in the world, with global reach that extended far beyond the borders covered by its eight international editions.

Jarrett was among the first editors to harness the power of the Internet, creating groundbreaking magazine apps, partnering with Itunes, YouTube, and Instagram, and investing heavily in social media. NYLON TV, which launched in 2007, became one of the hottest properties in its space—the place where major brands and celebrities alike want, and needed to be.

In 2015, Jarrett launched a video and digitally led platform POPULAR TV. POPULAR taps into the zeitgeist of the cultural landscape, bringing curated and crowd-sourced content together, to provide a global platform for the young female millennial voice.

Marvin is also celebrated for his renowned creative forces as a Photographer and Producer. In 2014, he partnered with Maker Studios as Executive Producer on the premiere scripted web series “Oh, You Pretty Things!” starring Francesca Eastwood. In 2016, he produced the film “Love Everlasting” starring Lucky Blue Smith. He has also been recognized for directing notable music videos and documentaries. Jarrett lives in Los Angeles and New York.